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Exciting cities where our paths might have crossed





Bimini Island

Puerto Vallarta












Amalfi Coast

I must say, I fell so in love with Rome that I started to feel homesick when I returned home! Odd, right? So, it was either I move there immediately! or do the next best thing which is to learn their language. I would prefer a group of Italian friends to teach me and practice with but Duolingo will have to do for now!

Ho Chi Minh City




Phnom Penh


Yes yes, I'm accustomed to Customs, TSA drama, baggage claim chaos, sprinting through airports, blah, blah, blah...
Now, let me tell you about my other passions:

Plants - Fitness - BUSINESS

Neon pothos.jpeg

My Plant Life - Nurturing

It started with one snake plant then my love for plants took over!

After my Pitbull passed away, the nurturer in me was empty. Nothing could substitute his joyous and affectionate spirit, but I transferred my nurturing energy to plants. I couldn't resist adding more and more to my home. Now I'm surrounded by alocasia, pothos, monstera, ficus, and so many others. It's amazing how much joy and happiness these plants bring into my life!

Fitness life - Sculpting

A few winters ago, I made a decision to GET RIPPED! I started crunching, curling, and squatting my way to great results. I have fallen off the wagon a few times but I get back on it!


Then I recently discovered hot yoga and hot Pilates and oh my goodness, what a wonderful world of buckets of sweat, muscle trembling, and a natural post-workout high. I am absolutely determined to keep chiseling away!

Entrepreneurial Spirit - Innovating

I started blogging just for me

but as I kept going, I discovered my true passion for self-expression and creativity. I run two exciting businesses - Voyage à nue blog, where I share my travel experiences and Fly à la MODE, an online fashion rental service.

And now, I'm thrilled that you're here to join in the fun and share in my excitement!

Fly à la MODE is accepting reservations starting

Monday August 19, 2024

Vacation Closet

Fashion-forward travelers who want to skip packing and ENJOY THEIR VACATION WHILE LOOKING FABULOUS now have Fly à la MODE - the innovative service that hand-delivers rented outfits from our boutique straight to your hotel.


Fly à la MODE's goal is to provide the ultimate convenience and spoil you with fashion during your vacation. Stop dragging that suitcase. SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!

under the arch.jpeg

More about me

The ugly: I have no cooking skills.

The great: I love immersing myself in new cultures to get to know the people through their cuisine. The irony!


As a way to measure the success of a trip, I count how many photos I can add to my gallery wall. I also evaluate each city I visit to see if it's a place I could live, and let me tell you, only a handful of cities haven't made the cut! More on that another time…

Be intentional   -     Be kind     -    Be open to possibilities
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