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I'm Emi. Nice to meet you!

I started blogging just for me, but as I kept going, I discovered my true passion for creativity and self-expression.

And now, I'm thrilled that you're here to join in the fun and share in my excitement!

I'm a passionate travel blogger who can't resist the thrill of exploring new cultures and embarking on adventures around the globe. As a solo traveler, I seek out new experiences and immerse myself in diverse cultures.

I am also a plant lover who will always find space for more plants and flowers!

Black woman travel blogger in Spain in yellow Zara Coat and snake skin dress
Dahlia face

In addition to my travels, I am dedicated to self-discovery and personal growth, and I find inspiration in compelling books. I'm stoked to share my adventures and inspire other women to embrace solo travel with confidence and joy.

Vacation Closet

I also run two exciting businesses - Voyage à nue blog, where I share my travel experiences and Fly à la MODE, an online fashion rental service.


Fashion-forward travelers who want to skip packing and ENJOY THEIR VACATION WHILE LOOKING FABULOUS now have Fly à la MODE - the innovative service that hand-delivers rented outfits from our boutique straight to your hotel.


Fly à la MODE's goal is to provide the ultimate convenience and spoil you with fashion during your vacation. Stop dragging that suitcase. SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!

Fly à la MODE is accepting reservations starting
Monday August 19, 2024.

Exciting cities where our paths might have crossed






Bimini Island

Puerto Vallarta











Amalfi Coast

I must say, I fell so in love with Rome that I started to feel homesick when I returned home! Odd, right? So, it was either I move there immediately! or do the next best thing which is to learn their language. I would prefer a group of Italian friends to teach me and practice with but Duolingo will have to do for now!

Phnom Penh


Ho Chi Minh City




under the arch.jpeg

I tell you more about me then you tell me about you. Deal? Deal!

The ugly: I have no cooking skills.

The good: I love immersing myself in new cultures to get to know the people through their cuisine. The irony!


As a way to measure the success of a trip, I count how many photos I can add to my gallery wall. I also evaluate each city I visit to see if it's a place I could live, and let me tell you, only a handful of cities haven't made the cut! More on that another time…

Be intentional   -     Be kind     -    Be open to possibilities

Olafur Eliasson's art has captivated me. I was thrilled to discover that his exhibit was taking place during my visit to The British Museum in London, England. One of my favorites features were the projected lights. They created the most mesmerizing effects when you stood in front of them. Super cool! Thank you, Sue for snapping that picture.

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