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Voyage à nue is where I share my travel stories, expose my photography skills, and write love notes to myself. It's where I show how to travel the world as a woman.

Take a moment to browse through the gallery and soak up inspiration. And when you're ready for an adventure, vacation in style with Fly à la MODE!

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Sa k pase!

Fancy meeting you here

I see you've scrolled all the way down to this section. Well done! What'cha looking for?


Oh! I play this fun game where I rate places I visit from livable to hard-pass. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has shot up at the top of the list! If you're down for reading stories with a smile on your face, grab a drink, and relax.

I'm Emi. Andiamo!

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Voyage à nue is a new travel blog written by a vibrant black woman who shares her fresh and inspiring take on solo travel. Subscribe now and welcome aboard!

During my trip to Ouarzazate, Morocco, I was trying to catch up with the group, but Sue stayed behind to snap a picture of the most breathtaking sky and landscape I have ever seen! I mean, seriously, how gorgeous is this sky?! I am grateful to Sue for capturing this amazing moment!


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