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A Love Note to Emi

Updated: 5 days ago

The Voiceless Child that birthed the Formidable Woman

I was raised to fear in order to survive. I learned to keep quiet to not threaten the loud and I repeated mantras of submission to please authority. I was encouraged to ignore my internal compass and trust what was deemed good for me as it kept me in line and on the default path.

Self Portrait

I respect all the lessons of my land of origin as they safeguarded my survival in that environment. I’m thankful for the lessons of fear, selflessness, pain, and dread. Overcoming the turbulence of mixed messages like: obey and defy, fear God and there is no God, be independent and follow others, forged my persistence through failure. Those tests created a blossomed woman who leads with compassion and certitude.

Quiet luxury, black woman enjoying life
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Photographed by @_libratendencies

Jewelry by @jewelrybyaris

Today, I have no superior nor barrier.

I relish in the love within, a wholesome feeling with a fresh perspective that I am no longer in survival mode. I have reconciled and integrated all aspects of myself to soar, high and above it all. And as I begin anew, I share my all with you.

Photographed by @_libratendencies

Jewelry by @jewelrybyaris



Self Portrait

Black woman, black luxury, woman on beach
Melbourne, Australia

Bouncing, luscious curls that finally decided to be friends with me, dance freely with joy as the wind shift direction. I find my next destination in the wind. In Melbourne, Australia their carelessness looked more like a celebration, the embodiment of “laissez faire”. We’re not timid anymore. It’s my pleasure to dazzle you with an unrehearsed gone-with-the-wind show and hear you say “I love your hair”!



Photographed by @_libratendencies

Jewelry by @jewelrybyaris

My rich, forever sun-kissed skin, receives all sensation of joy and vibrations of laughter. Branded in scars from careless plays, I wear my melanin with pride knowing it carries my grit and my might. Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk says the body keeps the score of trauma. I say my body keeps the sum of my victory.



Self Portrait

Necklace by @jewelrybyaris

And I can admit that my smile is my magnet for finding beauty in you. Like electrons bonding one atom to another, every time I show up for myself, I also show up for you. Therefore, I see you. And BOOM! here we are, lifting each other, creating realities of abundance, healing our wounds so we unite in the center of delight. This smile has also afforded us free drinks, tickets, and club entries. So, I smile at you and with you.



Self Portrait

Earrings by @dconstructjewelry

Unconditional love has many conditions if not yet felt by the Self. And the liberation of the mind without such love is a non-starter. The more I apply that knowledge, the more I find myself open and inventive. Alex Osborn who wrote Your Creative Power told me “hold the positive thoughts captive”. Though I appreciate the image that creates, it makes me want to go more into rescue mode than into embodiment. So I reframe it for myself as “arousal in positive thoughts unlocks the valiant in me”. That's my path of least resistance!

I have grown to understand that the barriers that I’ve climbed over when I was a wee-baby, to blue adolescent, to restless young adult have brought me to today’s summit where this formidable woman blooms.

I prosper because I look at the past lessons and say thank you and good-bye. For now, I can look in the mirror and say, I love you.


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